Applications Across Different Industries Would Lure New Players in DNA Sequencing Market

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DNA sequencing means the process of identifying the precise sequence of nucleotides within DNA molecule. The technology plays a vital role in determining the sequence of four major bases such as thymine, ademine, cytosine and guanine in the DNA strand. Applications of DNA sequencing across has further kept the future of the market robust. Recently, an early pioneer is planning on mapping DNA and use their knowledge on genetics into one it kind blood test, that can pick up early signs of cancer. Furthermore, its application in forensics is increasing owing to the sudden rise in crime rate across different countries.

In a recent discovery, research specialist at the popular National Institute of Standards and Technology have introduced to the world a brand new concept that assures accurate and rapid gene sequencing. Researcher have made this possible by pulling the DNA molecule via a chemically stimulated hole in graphene. Theorist Alex Smolyanitsky at the institute said that “This is essentially a tiny strain sensor.” He added “We did not invent a complete technology. We outlined a new physical principle that can potentially be far superior to anything else out there.”, as published in Eureka Alert. Demand for gene editing that provides dramatic progress, when it comes to speed as well as genetic advancements has always been welcomes in the agricultural sector.  CRISPR has finally provided an opportunity for highly modulated GMO governance. The promise as peril offered by CRISPR would open new avenues and boost the food production improvements.

Eyeing huge potential in the DNA sequencing market, an off – the – shelf report publisher has published a report titled “World DNA Sequencing Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 -2020”. The study further outlines the major drivers, restraints and opportunities that are influencing the global sequencing market. Research analysts designing the report brings to the table how application across Microbial, Consumer and Research, drug discovery would increase.

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