Trials Speed Up As Ebola Drug and Vaccines Market Players Compete to Make Their Presence Felt

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The race to develop drugs or vaccine with an intent cure the deadly epidemic ‘Ebola’ has finally gained momentum. The entire process of developing, testing and getting a vaccine to the market can take about ten to twenty years. However, in Ebola’s case the entire procedures have been compressed to few months. This has brought several pharmaceutical companies, researchers and regulators into a defined territory, striving to manufacture vaccines that can put the still escalating epidemic to sleep without compromising on a patient’s safety.

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The push to develop a drug or vaccine for a growing public health treat in short time frame has also posed several challenges confirms some of the top officials at Merck. Signing of alliance is a key trend dominating the Ebola drug and vaccine market today. In a recent incident, Gavi global alliance has made it known that it has signed a US$5 M purchase commitment for a vaccine being manufactured by Merck. The drug is believed to protect people against any future outbreaks.

Drug manufacturers are also seen spending generously on research and development of the Ebola drug and vaccine. The investments made by ‘Walter Reed Army Institute of Research ‘is finally paying off. Institute is now ready to introduce a phase ll trial to assess both the effectiveness and safety of the developed prime – boost vaccine regime. Drug trial would be conducted on HIV patients and those who enjoys a good health, confirms a press release. Ebola vaccine trials across different countries or regions has also been a subject of discussion for those determine to discover a perfect cure. John-Arne Røttingen, who served the public health department since 1999 recently shot to fame for establishing and successfully running a vaccine trial in Guinea. On the other had Russia is seen boasting of vaccine tests in Africa under the observation of the United States.

Eyeing the rat race between major pharmaceutical brands, Allied Market Research has published a market research report titled “World Potential Analysis of Ebola drug and Vaccines Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2020”. Besides tracking the commercial trends, the study brings to the table major trials and their progress are pursued thoroughly. The prominent market players evaluated in the market research report includes Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, BioCryst Pharmaceutical Inc., Serepata Therapeutics, NewLink Genetics Corp. and Mapp Biopharmaceutical amongst others. Research analysts designing the report also make sure that all the important aspects are assessed to produce an actionable and relevant report.

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